How to find the ideal building plot

You want to realise your dream of owning a home on Mallorca? The very first question that arises now is the location. Even though almost everything about your future home is changeable and customisable, you won’t be able to change the location. So how do I find the ideal place where I probably want to spend the next years or decades of my life?
We have a few tips for you to ensure that your search for your dream property is crowned with success.

Urban or rural?

Basically, the question is whether you prefer a rural property with lots of green space and imagine your future on a finca, or whether you would rather live in an urban setting. In the case of rural plots of land, special requirements must be observed on Mallorca. In order to build on a rural plot, it must be at least 14,000 m² in size. Of this, an area of 1.5% of the plot size may be built on – i.e. 225m². Depending on the size of the plot, it is possible to increase the living space. In addition, there are certain requirements regarding vegetation, building materials, pool construction and renewable energies.

Surrounding infrastructure?

What is the infrastructure like around the property? Do you have doctors, shopping facilities, daycare centres and schools in the immediate vicinity? In addition, the distance to work and leisure facilities is very important. Are there restaurants, cafés or bakers nearby? The connection to public transport may also play a role for you. You can find more detailed information about the individual regions on Mallorca and the individual villages here. Before you finally decide on an area or a property, it is best to get to know it at different times of the year and day and ideally talk to neighbours and locals.

Sea view or near the sea?

On Mallorca, the demand for building plots with a sea view is high, which means that the prices are also correspondingly high. In addition, the supply is limited, which means that the prices for sea-view properties in popular places such as Andratx, Son Vida or Santanyí are already in the millions. Due to the limited supply and the high prices, renovating a property could possibly be an alternative.

Hillside property?

There are many hillside properties on Mallorca. In most cases these have a beautiful view, but of course they also have special features and challenges when planning a house. A thorough soil survey is particularly important in these cases. On this basis, our architects can start planning the house for you and combine your ideas with the special features of your hillside plot. With a sloping plot, it is also particularly important to consider the orientation and the existing light conditions.

Cardinal points?

The orientation of the plot of land or the planned house is also an important factor. In order for you to enjoy enough sunlight and bright, friendly rooms, it is important to consider this factor when looking for a plot of land and, in a second step, when planning the house and designing the rooms.
In general, it is important to be accompanied by a competent advisor when looking for a plot of land, who will consider both your criteria and other important factors. In Mallorca, it is also advantageous to benefit from the contacts and expertise of land agents. Land agents often have an extensive database and contact list that can help you find your dream property.

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