The Bauhaus style and its distinguishing features

As soon as you start thinking about building a house, the question of the house type or style of your future home arises. It won’t be long before you come across the Bauhaus style. But what exactly is the Bauhaus style and what distinguishes it?

But what is Bauhaus?

In short, Bauhaus is probably one of the best-known German design and architectural styles, and still one of the most influential. The style originated a good 100 years ago in 1919 and had a decisive artistic influence on the 20th century. More than a concrete style, the Bauhaus style is a school of design and artistic movement that can be traced back to Walter Gropius. Nowadays, the Bauhaus style is often portrayed as a pioneer of modernism.

In the course of industrialisation, the idea of the Bauhaus style arose to make artistic designs in industrial execution accessible to everyone.
Houses and furniture should first and foremost be simple, beautiful and functional. Functionality is therefore paramount, which is why the designs are characterised by straight lines and a lack of frills. More than just an artistic movement, the style also had a political significance and stood for modernity and reductionism. The Bauhaus style also gave rise to the first industrialised housing for people from poorer social classes.
In architecture, new materials were used for the first time as a result of the Bauhaus style: Steel, concrete and glass were used to a greater extend. Large glass surfaces are one of the characteristics of the Bauhaus style. It is also characterised by simple shapes and colours and a lot of white, clear and simple architecture and many box shapes. Flat roofs are another important characteristic of the Bauhaus style. Therefore, houses in the Bauhaus style often resemble a white cube with a modern and minimalist character.

The Bauhaus style is a very timeless style that has been modern for over 100 years. On Mallorca there are a large number of beautiful villas built in the Bauhaus style. The typical large glass fronts create light-flooded and bright rooms that let you enjoy the Mallorcan sun all year round. Discover a selection of the Bauhaus-style villas we have built here.

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